Among all the talk of rebuildable atomizers and drippers, there is a special class known as clearomizers. Clearomizers are a fairly recent advancement upon older atomizer and cartomizer technologies. Many people have switched to clearomizers because they are easy to use, extend the life of your coils and produce better flavors. Currently, there are several different types of clearomizers on the market to choose from. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Clearomizer?

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A clearomizer is simply a new kind of accessory for your device designed to turn your e-liquid into vapor. It is different from other atomizers and cartomizers because it is built out of a clear cylinder, which is often marked for measurement of your e-liquids. Clearomizers use coils with wicks that extend to the tank where they draw liquid in. Clearomizers tend to be less bulky than RBAs or RDAs and many of them feature a unique tapered design near the top. The transparent nature of the body makes it easy to see how much liquid is present at all times.

Where Are The Coils?

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As you begin exploring different types of clearomizers, you will notice that much hinges on the location of the coils in the build. One of the most common options is the bottom coil clearomizer. This style of clearomizer tank puts the coils near the base where the tank screws on to the battery body. With the coils at the bottom, you will likely have shorter wicks which are fed from the top where the tank sits.

On the other hand, there are also many top coil clearomizers. Top coil clearomizers use longer wicks, and the liquid sits near the bottom, where it is drawn upward. Some people prefer the top coil clearomizer because it draws liquid in slower and has less chance of flooding, although they can be harder to fill and harder to change coils.

Aside from top and bottom coil configurations, there are a small subset of clearomizers that feature vertical coils running through the center of the tank. This adjustment to the location of the coils is said to have a positive effect on the airflow through the device.

Clearomizers and Vapor Production

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Most people agree that the clearomizer tank offers a great opportunity to boost your vapor production, whether you go with a top or bottom coil model. However, there are some styles of clearomizer that are built for more power and lower resistance. For instance, the dual coil clearomizer functions the same way many advanced RDAs do, by giving you an extra coil which splits your resistance and boosts the amount of heat produced in a single firing of the device.

Some clearomizers are also designed for use with sub-ohm coils and temperature control devices, so you can choose nickel or titanium coil options instead. This has a noticeable impact on the amount of vapor produced as the resistance of your coils drops well below one ohm. You can set your clearomizer atop any TC device and you’ll find that it is more than capable of producing a strong, even flavor and dense vapor clouds. Learning to properly manage your clearomizer temperature is one great way to extend the life of your coils and wicks and vape longer on your battery.

Extra Features

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One topic that comes up time and again is the tank capacity of clearomizers. While many RTAs are now reaching for the 5 ml capacity range, many clearomizers are still in the sub-3 ml range. This isn’t really a fault of the clearomizer, as much as indication of the efficiency of clearomizers as a whole. If you’re someone who always wants the biggest, baddest tank around so you can cart around extra juice for heavy vaping days, you may be surprised to find that a 3ml clearomizer gets the job done just fine because it is used more efficiently as you vape.

In addition, nearly all clearomizers today feature variable airflow ports, or some way of changing the airflow to personalize the resistance of the vapor. If you are an experienced vaper, you will want to research your options for teh best clearomizer tank.

There are a handful of rebuildable clearomizers that are designed for advanced users, and allow you to create your own coils instead of using premade coils. These tend to cost a little more than a standard clearomizer, but they do offer more flexibility when it comes to configuring your coils and getting the best power/flavor balance.

Find One Today

To learn more about the wide range of clearomizers available today, visit VaporFi online and shop our vape tanks. You will find tons of incredible clearomizers from an industry leading manufacturer who has gotten on board with this new technology and developed new systems for delivering quality vapor with any of our devices.

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