Greetings, vape fam! This is your weekly reminder letting you know the Deal of the Week has landed, and it’s a sweet one! Super sweet indeed, if you happen to fancy a delectable coffee vape! If you’ve been interested in trying something new, or you happen to already vape these flavors, you’re going to want to grab this deal and run because right now, you can score our Coffee Lovers Vape Juice Bundle for only $52.79! Regularly, this set is priced at $60.71, so it’s a mighty fine deal to get some great juice.

VaporFi Coffee Lovers Juice

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How Much Do You Love Coffee Flavor?!

If you’re into coffee, this bundle was designed just for you. It consists of two of our most popular, most beloved flavors: Catch Ya Latte and Raspberry Mocha. Each flavor comes in a 60ml bottle, and together you get 120ml of phenomenal, gourmet coffee vape juice! If you’re looking for a killer deal to stock up your vape juice collection, this is a surefire way to do so. And, if you’ve never tried either of these juices and want something new, have at it!

Here’s a little more info on each of these flavors; just a teaser until you can taste them for yourself!

All About Catch Ya Latte

VaporFi Coffee Lovers Single Bottle

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Catch Ya Latte is basically like the ultimate, barista-crafted latte with a base of 70% VG to 30% PG! It is a beautiful concoction of amazing flavors, delivering layers and notes of flavor that go way beyond a typical coffee vape flavor. It is both luscious and complex, enabling you to savor it from the very start of the inhale, all the way through exhaling, enjoying the dance of flavors across your tongue! Smooth, dark espresso gets deepened with rich caramel, enhanced with hazelnut essence, and then the whole flavor gets smoothed over with steamed milk. Yes, it’s as decadent and intense as it sounds!

All About Raspberry Mocha

VaporFi Coffee Raspberry Juice

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One of our most famous flavors is Raspberry Mocha, and if you have yet to experience this, now is the time to do so! Rich, velvety, and super balanced in profile, this flavor takes the coffee vape to a new elevation! A smooth base of espresso is further intensified with the addition of dark chocolate and ripe raspberries. The flavor is then perfectly finished with steamed milk, offering a creamy, soothing balance to all the richness. With a 70%/ 30% VG to PG base ratio, this vape juice is the ideal creation for both intense flavor and rich vapor production. Basically, this flavor is an experience all its own; there is nothing quite like it in all of the vape universe!

When it comes to great vape gear, the best vape juices, and the very best savings, VaporFi’s Deal of the Week is your weekly go-to! We switch it up every time, so there is always something cool to look forward to. What could be better than kicking off your week with great savings and awesome vape products?

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This week, if you’re seeking fine flavor to make life a little more decadent, have a look at our Deal of the Week. These flavors are no joke; they will certainly add some deliciousness to your vape routine, and at the killer price of just $52.79, the Coffee Lovers Vape Juice Bundle should most definitely be on your radar! So get on it, vape fam; you’ve got just one week to score this deal and it’s a tasty one!

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