By now you’ve probably seen plenty of vaporizer bundle deals that include everything you need to get started vaping. However, you may have realized that you wanted to change just one or two details of the bundle to make it truly perfect for you. The good news is that now you can!

With VaporFi’s Create Your Own vaporizer feature, you can build your bundle from the ground up to create the ultimate personal vape. 

Getting Started with the Custom Vaporizer Builder

The VaporFi system is designed to walk you through your vaporizer build step by step. In each stage you will be given options for things like color and power so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. To the side, you will see a summary view of your vaporizer build so you can see what the whole thing looks like when it’s put together. You can also see how the prices add up.

VaporFi AU - Build Your Own Vaporizer

You will see the price of each item as you flip through the menu. The base device you start with will determine where your price begins. The Build Your Own program includes a tank, battery, charger and atomizer as part of the package. If you choose to add additional atomizers and accessories they are available at the end based on the selections you made.

Choosing a Device

VaporFi AU - Build Your Own Vaporizer: Choose Device
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To begin with, there are currently seven different vaporizer models available to choose from. These devices range from popular vape pen-style models to more advanced box mods, and even include one of VaporFi’s best-selling mini mods.

Beneath each vaporizer body you can choose from a selection of colors. The custom vaporizer pen models tend to have more colors available, while the high-end box mods stick to classy black and stainless steel looks.

You should make sure to flip through all of the options at least once to see the huge range of power options available to you before you move on to the next stage. 

Choosing a Tank

VaporFi AU - Build Your Own Vaporizer: Choose Tank
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The next most important part of the equation is selecting a tank. The tank will determine the amount of liquid capacity you have, as well as the general airflow properties of your vape.

There are currently seven tank options available on the Build Your Own feature as well. VaporFi has been diligent about ensuring that all of their tanks can be interchanged with all of their devices, so you ultimately have 49 different combinations available to you at this point.

You can choose from sub-ohm options and hybrid tanks, as well as some tanks that were designed specifically to bring out the best of one vaporizer type. 

Atomizers and Accessories

VaporFi AU - Build Your Own Vaporizer: Choose Atomizer
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When you select your tank, it will come with your first atomizer already installed. However, now is your chance to toss in an extra five-pack of atomizers with your custom vaporizer to keep you vaping for a while.

These extra vaporizers normally are not included in the bundle, but the VaporFi system gives you a pretty good deal when you add these, and it gives you a few options to choose from if you’re unsure about the atomizer that comes with the tank. This way you can broaden your horizons and see what other options are available as you experiment with your new device. 

Next you will have the option to choose an extra drip tip and a wall charger adapter in case you need the extra charging capabilities. 

As you walk through this process, the image on the right side of your screen will show you the finished look of your device, as well as a running total for all accessories you add on. Rather than shopping for each part individually and guessing what they will look like together, this system gives you a clear picture. 

Have Questions? Contact VaporFi

If you’ve been unsure of how to build your own vaporizer in the past, now you have the opportunity to take a guided tour through the entire VaporFi catalog in one shot. This simplified system makes it easy to see which parts work together, and to choose your favorite colors. You can mix and match pieces any way you want to get the ultimate personal vape.

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