Classic Fruit E-Liquids

Classic Fruit E-Liquids from VaporFi

Looking for classic fruity flavour? VaporFi now has an exclusive e-liquid line featuring all the fruit vape flavours you crave. Each flavour is perfect for adventuring outdoors or pairing with your favourite meal. Say hello to our newest flavours that will make you want to stock up for your next adventure.

Watermelon Wave

Chill out in the sweet sunshine with Watermelon Wave, a flavour designed to capture the essence of Summer through one concentrated fruity e-liquid. This full-flavoured watermelon e-liquid packs a juicy and refreshing punch perfect for the beach, a BBQ, or picnic. Customise your size, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, and flavour strength for a perfectly balanced hit with VaporFi.


Strawberry Watermelon

Looking for a tart and tangy boost? For a berry twist on our well-loved watermelon flavour, try Strawberry Watermelon. This refreshing blast of plump, crisp strawberries and juicy watermelon slices puts your worries on the backburner as it puts you in vacation mode. Pick your preferred nicotine level for sweet, smooth vaping with a hint of strawberry tart.


Pure Grape

Escape to fragrant countryside gardens with Pure Grape, a flavour that captures sweet, plump grape taste. This juicy e-juice will transport you to the vineyard for your relaxing sunny day outdoors relaxing at the beach or pool. Pick your size and get ready for vacation.


Ripe Apple

Take a refreshing bite of crisp apple with the Ripe Apple vape juice flavour from VaporFi. The sweet flavour of ripe apple is perfect for any season, from a fall hike in the woods to a cool winter evening. Customise your bottle size and prepare for a fruity boost.


VaporFi Vape Juice

VaporFi is dedicated to providing you with the best vape tools, accessories, and tips around. Discover more fruit, tobacco, and dessert e-liquids from VaporFi’s exclusive line of flavours today.


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