There is no worse feeling than seeing your tank running low and reaching for a 15- or 30-milliliter bottle of vape juice that is bone dry. Nothing puts a vaper at risk of relapse more than a shortage of your favorite flavor, and today’s e-cigarettes compound this issue by pushing the limits of dominant cloud technology.

Modern atomizers, like the ones we sell at VaporFi, have perfected the art of creating thick, flavorful vapor, but at the cost of e-juice efficiency. This problem gets worse for experienced or technical vapers who use rebuildable atomizers, or “drippers,” that make use of custom built coils that can dip under 0.1 ohms, thus ripping through your e-juice even faster. (Of course, we know the flavor is worth it!)

While you could lug around multiple bottles of your favorite flavor, just in case, we hit the VaporFi labs and created three delicious, high-VG e-juice flavors that all come in a king-size variant.

The Chubby Brand

The Chubby Vape 100ml lineup provides flavors that span the spectrum of fruity to baked goods and are packaged in an extra large “chubby gorilla”-style squeeze tube. A small pointed tip allows for easy filling of any atomizer – or finite control when dripping – and the form factor manages to maintain a level of convenience that allows you to take a generous supply of your favorite flavor everywhere you go!

Let’s take a look at the different flavors in our lineup so you can be sure you find one that suits your palette.

Key Lime Cookie

Key Lime Cookie

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We thought we’d start off our Chubby E-Juice review with a light, airy dessert entry called Key Lime Cookie.

Different flavors typically range from fruit and candy to desserts and baked goods, but this one finds a happy middle ground that doesn’t overwhelm any of your senses.

On inhale, light, citrusy lime taste floods your mouth, quickly met by the sweet taste of a crunchy butter cookie. The delicious key lime cookie pictured on the front of the package soon becomes a reality in your mouth, with yummy vapor that is sure to satiate even the most potent late-night cookie craving.

This fruity take on cookies and cream fills a unique void in the flavor lineup and is sure to add a twist to your vape juice rotation.


Joosylicious Vape Juice

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If you felt nostalgic reading about Key Lime Cookie, then Joosylicious is sure to kick those feelings into high gear.

Everyone’s favorite childhood gum has been transformed into a delicious vape concoction that delivers on that juicy, fruity flavor – and quite a bit longer than the original product. If you ever wished that initial splash of sweet taste would last a little while longer than this is sure to make its way into your e-juice lineup.

This chubby vape flavor combines strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi in a way that complements each one without overbearing the individual flavor notes. A strawberry inhale makes way for the delicious notes of watermelon and kiwi that will leave you smacking your lips. You might not be able to blow bubbles, but we have a feeling O’s just might do the trick!

Deep Fried Apple Pie

Deep Fried Apple Pie

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We all have that one relative who is sure to make an (uneducated) fuss over vaping during the holiday season, but who could complain about the smell of fresh, hot apple pie? This crunchy fried favorite reigns supreme in the bakery category for a reason, as something about this flavor combo elicits warm and cozy recollections.

Cinnamon and apples lead the flavor wave with a tart sweetness that closes out with the rich, buttery flavor of deep-fried pie crust. Leaning heavily on the flavors that make this a delectable dessert treat, Deep Fried Apple Pie is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as well. If you’ve never tried a pure baked goods flavor, this is a great place to start.

Keep on Reading

Now that you’ve taken a walk with us down memory lane and gotten to meet all of the contenders in our Chubby E-Juice review, it’s time to see what others have to say. Every product page is accompanied by customer testimonials, so you can see how each flavor profile vapes on different setups.

You could play it safe and order all three, but we’re afraid you wouldn’t need to restock on juice for a long time. Thankfully, e-juice only gets tastier as it sits, otherwise known as “steeping,” so you don’t need to worry about your extra juice expiring. Like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.

At VaporFi, we work hard to provide e-juice with the highest quality ingredients, while still maintaining lean margins to give you a delicious vape, in a huge volume, without raising the price point. Our dedication to educating vapers through blogs on vape safety and in-depth reviews of hardware and e-juice is merely out of respect and love for this industry and you. We hope our line of Chubby Vape 100mL Flavors speaks to this dedication with every delicious puff!

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