ACS Choosing Vaping Over Cigarettes

American Cancer Society Sides with Vaping

  This year has marked a definitive step forward in the fight for vaping rights and accessibility. Most notably, the American Cancer Society released a

VaporFi Australia – Passive Vaping Not Harmful Says UK Report

Passive Vaping Not Harmful Says UK Report

Is Passive Vaping Harmful? According to the UK National Health Service (NHS), there are “no identified health risks” in secondhand vapor; whereas secondhand smoke is

Greatest Moments in Vaping – VaporFi AU

2017: Greatest Moments in Vaping

2017 has been a big year for the vaping industry and the vaping community as a whole. Worldwide, vaping continues to grow and find new

VaporFi Australia Glossary: Define Direct to Lung

Direct to Lung

Inhaling vapor straight into the lungs without holding it…