There’s nothing like your mama’s home cooking or her fresh-out-of-the-oven desserts, is there? May’s Blend of the Month is all about delivering the awesome flavor of her fresh fruit pies, and if you’ve been craving some homemade dessert, let our blend, Mom’s Peach Pie take care of you right! All month long, this tasty goodness is going to be 25% off, making it the perfect time to score some great flavor at an even greater price! However, this tasty baked treat won’t last forever at this price, so we urge you to grab it while it’s hot, all month long!

Mom's Peach Pie Vape Juice
Mom’s Peach Pie Vape Juice

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Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be any more ready for a flavor worthy of sitting on the front porch as the sun sets, sipping a cool drink, and dreaming of homemade Southern desserts! Mom’s Peach Pie is the ultimate vape, offering a smooth, dessert taste that perfectly nails the balance of sweet and creamy. If you’ve never had peach pie, now is your chance, in the most decadent form yet!

Every month, we feature a specific vape juice blend as our Blend of the Month. With so many flavors and endless blending possibilities, we love being able to showcase the delicious possibilities. All the while, it allows us to highlight something special, and at a discount. What could be better than awesome vape juice, new flavors, and saving some cash while you’re at it? It’s something different each time, so we urge you to check out the offerings each and every month, enjoy the deliciousness, and get down with the savings!

Moms Peach Pie - blend of the month
Don’t miss this delicious blend!

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This month, our Blend of the Month is Mom’s Peach Pie and it offers an equal dose of sweet vaping with some tasty nostalgia! Think of the most luscious, homemade peach pie, a la mode; it is at once fruity, velvety, and creamy offering the perfect balance of flavors. This vape juice blend is a fantastic merging of excellent tastes. It starts off with a sweet, powerful blast of Peachy Keen vape juice, making it evident this juice is all about those fine Georgia peaches. The smooth, pastry-like taste of Graham Cracker comes in next, keeping things well-balanced and truly enhancing the peachy flavor. Rounding it out with an impeccable creamy flourish is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, because what could be more enticing than peaches and cream? That’s Mom’s Peach Pie in a nutshell; sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

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This month’s Blend of the Month is surely a fine one, vape fam! If you’re in need of something a little different with a touch of nostalgia, you’ve got to get this one into your tanks. Mom’s Peach Pie vape juice offers up a boatload of flavor, delicious sweet peaches, vanilla ice cream, and a delicious graham cracker crust, all packed into one sensational e-liquid. All month long, this juice will be priced at 25% off, making it the perfect time to score magnificent flavor at an amazing price. From the looks of it, May is going to be a delicious month, vape fam! Don’t miss out on our Blend of the Month!


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