Something delicious is on the horizon, vape fam! This month, our Blend of the Month is delivering the bliss in epic proportions and we hope you’re ready for some exceptionally delicious vaping. If dessert vapes are your thing, you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you. The BOTM for April is the magnificently created Choconut Cake, bringing forth a ridiculously rich, velvety profile that will surely have your taste buds singing the praises. For this month only, you get the chance to score this deliciousness at 25% OFF, so we suggest you stock up properly. It’s a delectable treat for anyone who loves the experience of chocolate vapes!

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you know VaporFi, you know we’re into variety and if you’re vaping with our liquids, you know we love to mix things up and keep it interesting. Considering our catalog offers over 30,000 different vape juice possibilities, the chances that you’ll find a flavor or two that you love are pretty high. Additionally, there is no end to the options so you’ll most likely not be finding yourself getting bored anytime soon. The VaporFi Blend of the Month is all about highlighting a particular juice we find to be awesome and deserving of some attention and praise. Blends are our thing, and by the experiences our customers have had, blends are definitely your thing as well. Hence why it’s so necessary to share the love.`

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Experience the Essence of Choconut Cake

Choconut Cake is one of those flavors that is simply perfect when vaped. You get a broad range of tastes within this juice, resulting in layers of flavor that come together to produce a really enjoyable, really savory treat. It starts with a base of sweet, rich, moist cake, which is made extra-delicious with the addition of chocolate delight. Taking things further to an even more indulgent place comes in the layer of hazelnut, enhancing the sweetness of the cake and deepening the richness of the chocolate, resulting in a truly magnificent, wildly decadent dessert vape juice we are certain will elevate your vaping experience. This is a flavor every vaper should experience, as it is like none other. The tastes of chocolate and hazelnut were made for one another; add in the luscious essence of cake and you get a treat that will be impossible to top. For a vape juice designed to take your senses to a new place, this juice is surely one that deserves to be on the lineup!

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VaporFi’s Blend of the Month is a monthly escape, ensuring new flavors and great savings for all who wish to indulge. We feature something new every time because it’s always a good idea to give our loyal vapers a heads up on the latest, most enjoyable creations. And, simply, who doesn’t love trying new vape flavors and saving some cash? That’s what the BOTM is all about it and we hope you take advantage and score this good stuff. All month long, you get to savor the deliciousness that is Choconut Cake at 25% off, don’t miss it!

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