With so many companies now advertising adjustable airflow on their tanks and devices you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. How does air flow affect vaping? Ultimately it has to do with three main characteristics of your vape: the draw, the throat hit and the flavor.

How Do Air Holes Change Your Vaping Experience?

If you’re wondering if having air holes is really that big of a deal, continue reading.

What Air Holes Do

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what the air holes do for your device. Whether you are sub-ohm vaping or using a cig-a-like, air holes are used to draw the vapor up to your mouth. E-cigarettes usually have a restricted airflow so that you draw on them similar to cigarette.

By contrast, most box mods have more open airflow so you don’t have to pull as hard to get the vapor. Air holes are usually placed in such a way that air is directed under and across the coils as you vape, allowing it to pick up the flavor and nicotine effectively.

Big vs. Small Air Holes

As you adjust the size of the air holes on your adjustable airflow tank you will find that the flavor and throat hit changes subtly. With bigger air holes your device will produce a larger vapor cloud that hits the throat stronger. However, this extra vapor dilutes the flavor of your vape somewhat, so you may miss out on some of the key notes that make your liquid great.

By slightly reducing the size of your airflow you can concentrate that flavor better and make the throat hit a little less harsh.

Most vapers adjust their airflow up and down depending on whether they’re vaping indoors or they’re trying to give their throat a rest after a particularly hard-hitting session. Fortunately, for most modern atomizers, this is as simple as twisting the cap to close or open the ports.

Airflow and Power

It is also worth noting that airflow has some relation to the amount of power your device is putting out. For instance, sub-ohm tanks are designed to work with high-power configurations. They offer greater airflow because they are designed to produce giant clouds, but also because they need to dissipate more heat than a cig-a-like device.

For those transitioning from cigarettes, using a cig-a-like usually feels comfortable and familiar thanks to the restricted airflow and the limited power available. However, once you’ve grown accustomed to the e-cigarette, moving into a more powerful device is easy.

The key to making good use of your adjustable airflow tanks is making small adjustments and then testing them for a little while before you adjust again. Shop around for a tank that has a stiff adjustment system so that you can set your airflow and not have to worry about it getting bumped around as you move.

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