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E-Cigs are Not Traditional Cigs

E-cigarettes have become widely available, but despite marketing attempts by big-name companies to inform the public about the benefits of these devices it seems that many people still believe they are essentially the same as smoking.

We’re here to clear up the misconceptions and explain four reasons that e-cigs are a better option than traditional cigarettes.

No More Cleaning Up Ashes

benefits of e cigs no ashes vapofi

If you aren’t familiar with how vaporizers work, you need to know that the device uses a heating coil to convert a liquid solution into vapor for you to inhale. This liquid solution is called e-liquid or vape juice and it contains both flavors and nicotine.

Since there is no dry material being combusted in an e-cigarette, there are no ashes being produced. This means you won’t have to keep an ashtray nearby, and you’ll never risk dropping ashes on your carpet or bed.

Ashes also tend to magnify the smell of cigarettes in a room. The air quality of the room will be greatly improved without piles of ashes around.

Fewer Mystery Chemicals Being Ingested

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By now you’ve certainly heard that traditional cigarettes are filled with hundreds of harmful chemicals ranging from rat poison to anti-freeze. The list of chemicals inside any given cigarette is quite lengthy and difficult to decipher, especially if you don’t understand how those chemicals act together.

What we do know is that these chemicals are responsible for a wide range of negative health effects including cancer.

By contrast, e-cigarettes use far fewer chemicals to deliver clean nicotine to your body. Most e-liquids contain only four or five ingredients, and the most prevalent ingredients have been deemed safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration for consumption. In fact, they are so safe that they have been used for years in medical breathing treatments.

By eliminating nearly all of those excess chemicals, it has become easier for researchers to study the effects of vaping on the lungs and on air quality with positive results.

There are So Many Flavors

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There are few people who legitimately enjoy the taste of cigarettes. Most people simply get by with whichever flavor they can put up with. Vaping has blown that door wide open by offering thousands of flavor combinations for e-liquids. This includes everything from candy and cookies to hearty tobacco flavors.

While tobacco flavors have generally been deemed the best e-cigs to quit smoking because of the familiarity of the flavors, the truth is that there is a wide world of flavors worth exploring.

Once you’re comfortable with vaping on a regular basis, you can easily branch out into new areas of the e-liquid industry and discover wonderful flavors that fill your cravings.

E-Cigs are Much Cleaner

vaping cleaner than cigarettes vaporfi

Traditional cigarettes are known for the effects they have on your surroundings, thanks to the smoke they give off. This includes discoloration of your teeth and nails, as well as a strong lingering smell that can take over a room.

For those that smoke in their cars on the way to work, the smell of cigarettes may seep into the seats and headliner – and can even devalue the car when you try to sell. Plus, as a smoker, you are likely to live with a smoker’s cough, which can leave you gasping for fresh air when you least expect it.

E-cigarettes do not cause any of these effects and have actually helped many people start breathing normally again without the cough over time. While the vapor cloud may smell like the flavor you have chosen, it quickly dissipates and doesn’t cause a permanent smell in the room or in your car.

Plus, it doesn’t cause damage to your teeth or nails so you don’t have to worry about unsightly yellowing.

These are just four of the benefits of e-cigarettes that are most important. There are already millions of people who have made the switch to stop smoking using e-cigarettes. Their stories often note that e-cigarettes offer a better way to get your nicotine without all of the ashes and extra chemicals.

In many places e-cigarettes are allowed where traditional cigarettes have been banned. This shows that local governments and regulators are learning that there are vast differences between the two products and their effects on those around them.

Find More Information Online

To learn more about the benefits of e-cigs and the best products for you to get started vaping, visit VaporFi online today. We have a large selection of e-cigarettes and flavor cartridges that include tobacco and non-traditional flavors. You’ll have the time of your life exploring these new flavors and technologies as you work your way away from cigarettes.

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