The Wye 200W box mod is one of Tesla Vape’s most ambitious products thus far. This super lightweight device has become extremely popular for its portability and its price tag. However, no product is completely flawless. Some users have complained of experiencing issues with this device, which can be frustrating.

Common Tesla Wye 200-watt Issues

Tesla WYE 200W TC Vape MOD

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Here is a roundup of the most common issues we’ve seen and how to fix them.

#1 Device Not Reading Coils

The Tesla Wye 200W is supposed to be able to sense your coils and automatically adjust power accordingly. All you have to do is confirm whether or not the device got it right when you first screw the atomizer on. Unfortunately, some people are finding that after a while, the device stops detecting the atomizer altogether, locking the device up and preventing you from firing it. Typically, this is caused by a short at the ground pin that occurs when atomizers are screwed on too tightly repeatedly. You can fix this problem yourself by removing your atomizer and then inspecting the pin for damage. If it is stuck down, you may be able to gently wiggle it loose with a tiny screwdriver, but you will also need to inspect the seal around the pin to make sure that it isn’t damaged or flooded with e-liquid. When you reinstall your atomizer, make sure you don’t over tighten it and your device should work normally.

#2 Device Not Shutting Off

At some point during the Tesla 200W’s history, it received a software update that had some odd effects. Users noted that the update made the device unable to shut off completely. Ultimately, this was not such a big deal because the device still goes into sleep mode. It puts a minimal drain on your batteries when not in use, but it can be frustrating when you want to store or transport your device. The latest software update may or may not help, and some users have had to make warranty claims with Tesla for this issue.

#3 Auto Firing

At the same time that the sleep issue was happening above, there was a handful of reports of the Tesla Wye auto firing on its own. If this starts happening, it is best to immediately remove the batteries and make a warranty claim. Currently, these cases are few and far between, but there is no known fix and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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These are the three most common issues we have heard of with the Tesla Wye. Overall, we have seen tons of positive feedback on this device, and it certainly has a lot to offer if you want a lightweight, handy little vape for daily sessions. Visit VaporFi Australia today to check out our vaping supplies.

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