2017 has been a big year for the vaping industry and the vaping community as a whole. Worldwide, vaping continues to grow and find new ways to help people escape from their nasty smoking habits. Vaping gained more support globally as a useful tool for risk reduction. There are a few regulatory changes that have happened but, despite predictions, the vapor industry has been able to overcome these challenges and remain a powerful force.

More Research is being Published!

More Research is being Published
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In the never-ending debate between vaping vs. smoking, the No. 1 complaint from anti-vapers is that there isn’t enough research to conclusively say vaping is safer. However, with each passing day, new research is being published that upholds the positive aspects of vaping.

In February 2017, University College London released a new long-term look at the effects of vaping and stated conclusively that the risks of vaping are significantly lower than that of smoking. There was also a study published in Tobacco Control estimating that vaping could save 6.6 million lives each year! That’s a pretty tremendous estimation if you ask us.

Legislators Rethink Their Stances on Vaping

This year also marked the introduction of the Cole-Bishop Amendment, a measure that would reclassify vaping products with the FDA and undo some of the harshest regulations that are being implemented in the U.S. Several European nations have already taken up vaping as a positive health move for the general public and have written pro-vaping legislation.

With the Cole-Bishop provision, it is possible that the U.S. could also shift its stance and keep many of today’s biggest vapor manufacturers from getting shut out of the global marketplace. If this legislation eventually passes, it would be a big win for vapers worldwide.

Vaping Community Becomes a Living, Breathing Entity

Vaping Community Becomes a Living, Breathing Entity
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In years past, the “vaping community” merely referred to people who happened to use vaporizers. Given the tumultuous political climate that has swept over the world, this has changed. More and more vapers have become activists in their communities. There are now some pro-vapor committees working to educate the public and bring people together.

This has turned vaping into its own unique social platform and gotten more people engaged in regulating the products they are consuming. This is a major highlight of 2017 because it also takes some of the strain off vape shop owners to defend their businesses as they gain allies from all walks of life.

Vape Retailers Get More Creative

Vape Retailers Get More Creative
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Seeking to capitalize on the wealth of e-liquid flavors in the market these days, vape retailers are launching their own vapor bars and lounges. Yes, this instigates some additional oversight from local legislators concerned about the safety of vaping. However, it also has spawned more research showing that even densely packed vapor spaces are many times safer than a room with a single smoker. This innovation on the part of shop owners just drives home the point even harder.

New Zealand Makes Us Proud

New Zealand Makes Us Proud
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New Zealand became one of the most openly vape-friendly nations on the planet this year. Their initiative Smokefree 2025 is aimed at getting people to quit smoking altogether. To do this, they are touting vapor as a means of getting there, and they are making it more accessible, rather than harder, for people to make the switch.

As a part of this effort, New Zealand is also leading the way in creating common-sense regulations rather than rigid traditional tobacco rules that apply poorly to the new technology. Following close in their footsteps, the United Kingdom also launched a Stoptober initiative this year, dedicating the entire month of October to helping people find healthier alternatives to smoking.

Firefighters to the Rescue

Firefighters to the Rescue
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Taking a look at vaping through a different lens, some of London’s finest firefighters launched a campaign to promote vaping this year as well. The reason? Because vaping causes far fewer fires than smoking each year. With the introduction of newly regulated devices that prevent battery hazards, these firefighters say switching to vaping goes a long way toward avoiding residential fires and wildfires caused by people carelessly discarding cigarette butts.

The year isn’t quite over yet, and there is still time for more developments. We know that the FDA has recently delayed the implementation of its newest vaping legislation in the U.S., so who knows what could happen between now and Dec. 31?

Go Out and Support

If you haven’t already gone out and found your local chapter of vapers working within your community, now is a great time to do so. Plus, keep an eye out for even more promising research in the coming months as we start to gather more long-term support for vaping.

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