Is there anything as satisfying as blissing out with an awesome vape, a chill flavor, and a kick-ass vibe? I don’t think so… especially when that vape happens to be a seriously high quality, high performance, stylish device that blasts the power and shoots the vapor. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the best of the best, and our Deal of the Week capitalizes on this all the way. So if you’re in the mood for great vaping, the Vaporesso Switcher Starter Kit will take care of you just right, and for this week only, this bold starter kit will be amazingly priced at 10% off, making it the perfect time to score one for your collection. Need some convincing? Here’s a deeper look at this incredible mod starter kit.

Switcher 220W TC Vape Starter Kits Special Offer

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Switcher 220W Box Mod Features

If there is one brand you should not overlook, it’s Vaporesso. The Vaporesso Switcher Mod is the center of this kit, and it offers one brilliant experience. This mod was crafted with so much attention to detail, offering so many exceptional features, with quality to spare. For many, the whole Vaporesso line of products offers an unmatched experience, and they perform like devices of a much higher price tag. As for the Switcher Mod, well, to say the least, it’s awesome. Highly powerful, massively durable, innovative at every turn, and loaded with stylish features that enable this mod to truly stand out, it offers the ideal blend of fun and functional. It soars up to 220 watts, has the option of variable power, and includes a gorgeous array of features that make it ultimately exciting to be used. Expect amazing precision from the Switcher’s temperature control suite, along with the highly-sought-after OMNI Board 2.6 Chipset that makes this mod perfect for chucking out the clouds. Thanks to the availability of custom curve of wattage and temperature, setting this mod to your preferred specifications is easily done, and sure to please even the pickiest vapers.

Switcher 220W TC Vape Starter Kits Special Tank

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In addition to specs that make this mod an absolute beast to vape with, it’s also ridiculously stylish from a visual standpoint. An array of LED lights are worked into the design of this mod, and the settings are entirely configurable, which allows you to “switch” them as you desire (hence the mod’s name) from flashing to bursting and other interesting effects. A lofty 0.96″ screen keeps things easy to navigate while being able to gauge settings instantly is a huge plus.

Topping off this kit’s fine functioning is the Vaporesso NRG Tank, which has been designed to work in perfect conjunction with the Switcher Mod. This tank is superbly powerful, offering the ability to produce generous amounts of vapor as a result of the innovative NRG coils it features, while also enabling exquisite flavor properties as well. As a top-filling tank, you can enjoy simple and easy refills.

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Power, precision, and well-pronounced flavor; the Vaporesso Switcher 220W TC Vape Starter Kit is the ultimate setup for maximizing pleasure and enjoyment from a starter kit. The Switcher Mod offers a design at the height of innovation, while the NRG Tank takes advantage of this and pushes the performance with its unique coils and construction. Together, this starter kit offers unfathomable power and killer user-friendly abilities. Are you ready for this? Grab yours today while it’s our Deal of the Week; 7 days starts now!

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